Benefits of Fitting a Bull Bar to Your Vehicle

Bullbars have a very practical usage of protecting the front of your vehicle from any impact. This is especially useful when you’re driving in off-road conditions where you are more prone to collision or damages. You need to understand that the type of bullbar you purchase needs to fit the requirements of where you are driving.

General Protection for the Vehicle

When you are travelling off-road, there are a lot of hazards that you can come upon. There can be rocks, branches, and ruts in your way. You may get sticks or branches jammed into the front of your car. There can also be large rocks or trees that can impale the car if you are not careful on the road. This can create major damage to the car.

If you are driving in conditions such as this, it is better to mount steel or an alloy bullbar to the vehicle so that you have some strong protection for the vehicle front. While plastic bullbars are good for minor impacts, they are not much protection against serious impacts. The price points of different materials will vary so you need to know when to spend more to provide the ideal protection for your vehicle.

You can also improve your approach angle with a bullbar. This way you will not be in contact with the hard terrain when in harsh driving conditions. You will be able to keep the original components of the vehicle from getting scuffed or damaged. Inquire from the supplier whether the bullbar you are purchasing has built-in recovery points. If you are adding a heavy-duty bullbar, it is a good idea to upgrade the front suspension so it can handle the extra weight.

Keeping the Vehicle Safe from Animal Collisions

Bullbars are especially important when you are driving in the outback where there is a higher chance of animal collision. There can even be unprovoked animal strikes. A collision with an animal such as a kangaroo can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle and there is a possibility of you being stranded in the middle of an inhospitable environment. A bullbar can brace you for impact and make sure that no major damage occurs to the car. But you need to take the necessary precautions to prevent an animal collision or attack when travelling as well. A good tip is to avoid travelling in the early morning or late evening.

Mounting of Accessories

Bullbars offer a place to mount different accessories such as a winch or lights. Additional lights will be great for extra visibility of the trail. If you are driving in extreme conditions, there is more chance for your vehicle to get stuck in the sand or rocks. A winch will be very useful in pulling the vehicle out to safety. You can also mount an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna on the bullbar. This will let you communicate with the other vehicles if you are travelling in a group. If you are driving in the desert you can mount a sand flag as well.