How to maintain Your Suspension Form

There are a variety of tricks, tips and techniques that will ensure that your bike’s shock forks stay running smoothly and solid for as long as necessary. In this short guide, we’re going to take a look on how to make this possible by regular maintenance.

Recognizing Fork Lubrication

The most critical aspect of preserving your shock forks is keeping the fork well oiled. This means making sure that the lubricant is lubricated within the fork and that the lubricating oil is not tainted with debris from outside.

Suspended forks have a special oil-based lubricant. The oil tanks in the bottom section of the fork legs, and from this it helps to grease the seals and bushes within the fork, enabling it to travel easily and without interference. To hold the oil in and out of the dirt, the forks have a variety of seals.

Next, the outer dust seal is in place; to help keep the crud out. This is also accompanied by an extra oil seal and a foam ring inside the seal.

(The foam ring absorbs oil under the seal and also gathers any debris inside the fork. The foam rings in the Fox forks are using a lubricating oil called Float Fluid-this fluid is also used in the air systems to help grease the air piston).

In order for the outer seals to resist dirt successfully and for the inner bushes to stay frictionless, they must also remain well oiled. Most current forks contain just 5 or 10 ml of lubricating oil; but this is all it takes to keep the machine running smoothly.

Special coating like kashima coating requires extra care because they are meant to improve performance.

Keeping Dirt Out and Oil In

To console the oil to grease up the higher seals and the bushes within the fork leg, it is helpful to turn the fork bottom upto let the grease run down. Turn your motorbike upside down and let the oil run down through the seals for 20 mins.

Wash your forks with clean water; the hose is best, but if you’re using a power washer, turn the motorbike upside down beforehand so as not to force liquid inside the fork seals. Be sure to clean all the debris from the fork stanchions and all around the seals, particularly between the fork arch at the front of suspension and the stanchions.

The oil in the fork is all that the fork requires to function well. Added stanchion lubrication items are not required for the maintenance of the fork.


Forks ought to be maintained on a regular basis.

Lubrication refills and cleaning (lower leg service) each 25 hours and full service (strip away, seal repair and full oil shift every 200 hours are recommended.

The more regular lower leg maintenance can be done at home, thanks to the expertise of the home mechanic. This shock service includes removing the lower legs (with the motorcycle inverted to preserve the current oil), cleaning the foam rings and re-applying the fluid. The method includes the washing and inspection of dust seals, stanchions and bushes; until the fork oil is topped and the fork is re-assembled.