Must-Have Products for Car Care

If you’re like me, washing your car always feels like a job that takes valuable time on your days off, when that time could be better spent spending time with family and friends.

Squeezing off gritty brake dust and insect guts can take ages but taking the time to carefully clean your car’s bodywork and inside is worth it when you see the end product.

Plus, it will make your car feel fresh again!

Here are our top cleaning products for your car, how to get the best result with minimal fuss:

Sponge and Bucket

Here we begin with the fundamentals! A decent quality and good-sized bucket will enable you to have a constant supply of soap and water to wash even the biggest of the vehicles.

The easy tip is to set 2 buckets – that of your soapy water and the other with clean, fresh water. With this arrangement, you can wash your towel in water in order to remove any dirt and dust before you fill it right back with the suds.

Grit Guard

This little gadget sits in the base of your buckets and prevents the dirt from floating around and being stuck in your wash pads or towel.

Only rub the pad or sponge on the grit guard after rubbing it over the car to extract and catch the grime and the dirt, leaving you with a fresh pad to proceed to wash.

Car Wash Liquid

There’s a large range of car wash fluids on the marketplace currently, so how do you know which one to use? Often aim for a solution that is as similar as possible to balanced pH.

This will remove hard water patches that can be formed on the paintwork due to contaminants in the water supply.

Choose a solution that bubbles up to help extract the dirt and the grime from your body work.

Some of the brands provide car wax and wash in one container. While this might be useful to save some time, it will not offer as much shine or protection as clear polish and wax.

Microfibre towels and Chamois

When you’ve rinsed and washed your car, it’s time to dry!

Before a Chamois was the key item often used dry body paint, but in the last few years, microfiber cleaning cloths have replaced Chamois because they are easy to use and offer a better result with less damage.

Find a quality microfiber with a good GSM count, as inexpensive towels will leave marks and scratches on your paintwork.

You can get good quality car care products at specialized automobile stores.

Tire Shine

Another favourite of the at home detail kit is the tire polish. This product offers protection against the weather and makes your tires appear newish.

Be sure to clean away the excess substance, as traveling without doing so will spray tiny black dots on your fresh clean vehicle.

These are some of the most important things you need to give you’re a car a good service at home.