Things You Can Do to Keep Your Family Safe During COVID-19

These are troubled times for a number of reasons, and the virus, which has affected not just Australia, but the entire world has brought our way of life and economy to an unprecedented halt. While it will take some time to find a viable vaccine for the disease, we must do all we can to keep our families and loved ones safe.

Continue reading to learn about 4 simple yet effective ways in which you can protect yourself and your family from the COVID-19 pandemic in the months to come.

Disinfecting high-touch surfaces

As advised by the World Health Organization (WHO), constantly disinfecting those areas of your home that frequently come in contact with the residents is very important in killing disease causing pathogens and curbing the spread of diseases. You can use sanitizing sprays, disinfectant wipes, soap and water to clean these surfaces at least twice a day.

It is equally important to disinfect your family’s vehicles since they can collect the viral pathogens from outside and infect all those who travel in it later. If you are looking for Covid-19 auto detailing in Sydney, there are several places that offer a complete disinfection of the interior of your car.

This includes the steering wheel, dashboard, door handles and indicator stalks, using only the best chemicals recommended by the health authorities. This way you can drive around knowing that you and your family are safe from any foreign pathogens.

Health checks

Regular health checks are the best way to identify any diseases upfront and take necessary action before it gets out of control. Using a thermometer, check the temperature of all family members at least twice a day and if you don’t have one, self-monitor to see if you are feeling feverish.

Identifying anyone with fever or the symptoms of the virus at its early stages will give you the opportunity to isolate the infected persons and later give them the medical care they need, without risking the spread of the disease to other family members. Teach your children to always cover their coughs and sneezes and use their elbows instead of hands for this.

Keep the outerwear out

If you head outside and come back home, always leave your shoes and coat outside or if you have to bring them in, keep them separated from the rest of the clothes of the household. Your outer garments act as a shield that prevents potentially dangerous foreign substances from coming in contact with your body and in the process, they become contaminated, and must not be mixed with other items.

Wash your reusable facemask

The term “reusable” may mean that you can use it more than once, but it will do the job only if you give it a good wash after every shift. Since the objective here is to kill any harmful microorganisms that may have gotten trapped in the layers, use of soap and hot water is a must. Make sure the water is very hot, because extreme heat will kill coronavirus with ease. Dry it well in the dryer, and if you don’t have one, use an air dryer to get the job done.